IOS Observ.

There were many things I found interesting about this topic, although the three that stood out to me was the majority of the user make up are people who are very outspoken and have a lot to say about the stuff they are passionate about (or strongly against) to the point where they post about mainly that.

The second of my inquiries was that the users are most active in the  late hours when you would think people would be in a deep sleep.. Nope. They thrive in their activities (blogging) for hours on end and it is well known. I have seen posts that address this with comments such as, “Tumblr is life.” and, “Who needs sleep when you have tumblr.?”. Quite humorous, and very accurate.

My final observation that I found the most interesting is that Tumblr. has no restrictions. You can post anything your heart desires, with the chances that there will be large amounts of users that feel the same way, as there are millions, most possibly, billions of Tumblr. accounts.


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