CIP 5: Sullivan and Heilker

Illustrate: Heilker brings up a valid argument when saying that there is an influence of genres on the way of being, more than just categories that we use to differentiate between the parts of our lives on a daily basis. Sullivan introduces the idea that blogging is a new technology, replacing the print newspapers, and allowing for an expansion on the ideas we so often have, more freely.

Authorize: Both Heilker and Sullivan have experience to back up both ideas that they claim to have in their essays, Heilker’s being that he has had experience within different things in his life that have shaped him to be who he is today, and Sullivan, being the blogger he is coming from journalistic writing, has that credibility to his advantage when explaining how blogging is a new form of writing. Each bring up interesting points on their topic, as well as use information to elaborate and inform the reader on where it came from and where its going.

Borrow: When Heilker brings up framing, he could easily be describing how Sullivan frames his work when he talks about how blogging is the new form of journalism. He (Sullivan) makes a point of organizing his essay in a way that constantly keeps the reader thinking about how this is all applied to our every day life.

Extend: I feel as though Sullivan could have gone more in depth about what he meant when he stated that, “Words, of all sorts, have never seemed so now.” because in a way it is vague, and could have been extended into a more satisfying and full thought. He touched on this multiple times in his essay, and it left me wondering whether or not words have not always been ‘now’. Heilker could have tried to gain more experience to establish his credibility, seeing as how i feel like he was knit picking from the works of other people and adding his own experiences in his way.

Counter: Although blogging and journalism could be subcategories to a bigger category, they do relate in a way. It could be that they have been based off of each other and that’s where Heilker gets his idea that the world is a direct influence of genres and many items can go back and forth from different categories with similar interests.

  1. How much credibility can we allow Heilker, when Sullivan exceeds him greatly in terms of having more experience?
  2. Could there be a common ground when speaking about genres, as well as blogging and the amount we have learned from both authors?
  3. Does blogging impact how we interact as a society?

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